Professional Resilience

In 1998, Dr. Gentry—along with Anna Baranowsky, PhD and Kathleen Dunning, MSW—developed the first evidence-based treatment for the symptoms of Compassion Fatigue.  In 1999, he developed the first single-day professional resilience training designed to simultaneously lessen CF symptoms, prevent future work-related stress and optimize professional functioning.  Since then there have been over 10 peer-reviewed published studies that detail this effectiveness.  While it is a well-known fact that all healthcare environments are toxic for the employees who work in them, FFPR has developed five (5) resilience skills (or “antibodies”) that has been demonstrated to provide the professional with immunity while working in these toxic environments for If you would like to learn more about developing more resilience and preventing work-related stress for you or your staff, please click here.

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A mission to help others heal and regain productive lives is likely what led you to pursue a career in professional caregiving. But what happens when all the accumulated suffering and trauma you’ve witnessed and the pain you’ve experience start to cause problems in your own personal and professional life? Insidious and often steeped in shame, compassion fatigue burnout and traumatic stress are very real issues that members of the caregiving community are not only at risk for but will inevitably confront at some point in their careers. The key is not to suppress or avoid these consequences of caregiving but, instead, to recognize them as normal outcomes from working in the toxic environment of healthcare. In this book the authors combine over seventy years’ worth of professional resilience in treating patients to present a two-part text that first examines the cause of compassion fatigue, followed by a proven, simple five-step solution for healing and a renewed sense of mission. Drawing from their Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience workshop that has been attended by over 100,000 international participants, Drs. Gentry and Dietz address these issues with their readers in ways that are candid, heartfelt, insightful, and most of all—filled with hope.

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