Jenny Brackman

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Jenny Brackman

Helping You Feel Hope Again by Overcoming Dissociation, Anxiety, Complex Trauma, & Compassion Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue & Secondary Traumatic Stress Dissociation Parenting (Adoption, Foster and Special Needs) Complex PTSD

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How I Can Help

I won't assess, diagnose, or treat you--because I can't. But I have a hunch you don't want that anyway. You're might be like many of my clients have been there, done that, and still are suffering.

Instead I will walk side-by-side with you as an expert companion.

I've spent ten years developing a relapse prevention plan that works for dissociation, trauma and addiction. I'll help you create your own so you can finally understand what's happening inside your body and brain and what do to about it.

I will teach you ways to help yourself heal that no one ever has before.

I'm business partners and BFFs with Dr. J. Eric Gentry. 

If you bring me on as your coach, his 37 years of clinical experience is readily available to trouble-shoot the most complex of situations.

But honestly, he's convinced I've nailed this coaching thing better than he has and he sends his struggling clients my way.